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ActRaiser is the alias used by musician Rob Sayles, an established producer of deep electronic music hailing from the United Kingdom. He has been releasing music for over a decade and has a extensive catalogue of releases under his belt. ActRaiser began in 2009, creating deep dubstep and future garage, but it's his futuristic liquid drum & bass for which he is most well known - With an album and many EPs and singles released on such labels as Med School (Hospital Records), Fokuz, Liquicity, Soul Deep, Offworld and Scientific. He also released a Chillstep album in 2016 entitled 'Campfire Philosophy' and a downtempo LP in 2011 called 'Art of Balance'. He has DJed in nightclubs and at festivals around his home country and also in Germany, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and even a one off set in Thailand during his travels there (hence why he never leaves home without his USB sticks, filled with tunes). His drum & bass music has also found its way into videogames - most recently in 2020's Descenders for the PC and consoles.

After 12 or more years of making music on a computer (PC) based system, Rob found himself tired of staring at a screen, so took a short hiatus from music creation. However, a year later in 2020, he finally found himself switching to a hardware based setup. After many different purchases he settled on the excellent Synthstrom Deluge - a synth, sampler and sequencer rolled into one piece of kit. Rob tells us that this was a game changer for him as it allowed him to create music instantly and in any location. Without a screen (or the internet) to distract him, Rob found his attention focused and eagerly returned to making beats. His latest work, a trip-hop album called Short Stories, is his first completed album project using the Deluge and is his debut release on Kraak.

Actraiser's musical tastes are fairly broad and he attests to loving most forms of electronic music, especially those of a deeper, more thoughtful nature. He is addicted to the thrill of finding new artists whose work he enjoys and sharing his finds with his friends and fanbase.

ActRaiser on Soundcloud

ActRaiser - Short Stories


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