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Daniel Schaerz aka DJ Color C2 is a Swiss Dj / Producer.

He got into Djing in the early 90ies while helping at events.

1996 was the year he went to London, while learning english, he stayed with one of the former owners of the record store Vinyl Junkies. Hanging out and listening to a wide variety of music at the store everyday after school, this was the place where people like Faze Action, Frankie Valentine, Derrick May, Dj Harvey, Idjut Boys, Joe Claussell, would hang out too and buy records.

Back in Switzerland in 1997, Daniel started to collaborate with musicians and formed the project Rhythm Methods. While playing a preselected dj set, the musicians would improvise over the set. His cd compilation Rhythm Recipes with the first own track 'The Child' by the project on it, was a result.

Working as a sound engineer and booking agent he has traveled many times to Brasil. After going to Dubspot school 2014/2015 in New York to finally focus more and more on music production. He started to record his friends in Brasil and Switzerland to start producing the music he was inspired by since he started djing. As a DJ and music obsessive, the constant thread that runs through his eclectic taste is Funk, Jazz and Soul.

It's hard to just play one style of music in a DJ set, many different colours that's what his artist name means. He mostly enjoys taking the crowd on a musical journey playing a long set of several hours.

He already released some tracks on the Lime Sorbet compilations series on Timewarp Music Label.

DJ Color C2 on Soundcloud

Dj Color C2 - Journeys & Memories


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