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Lego Boy - Black Box From Your Plane

Catalogue No: KRKCD103
Release Date: 22 November 2010
Media: Digital EP - Virtual Vinyl

Lego Boy's debut album Black Box from your plane drives you away into his downtempo paths and atmospheres. Trippy, groovy but yet chill out and melodic songs full of emotions and feelings..... Feat. Artists: Timewarp inc, Savvas, Gad and more!


FILE UNDER: : Electronica / Downtempo



Lego Boy is happy to present his debut album 'Black box from your plane'! His first collaboration with our label was with his successful track release "Life in space (Life in earth)" and his appearance as a compiler of "Down & Dirty" cd compilation. Life in space (Life in earth) has been air-played on ABC (USA) and licensed worldwide for compilations in Germany and Japan. He also got many reviews in music press such as i-dj magazine.

His new album features great collaborations and artists like: Timewarp inc, Savvas (Acropod), G.A.D, Niteshift, Tasos Fotiou, Olga K. and Johnny Reverb. 'Black box from your plane' drives you away into its downtempo paths and atmospheres. Trippy, groovy but yet chill out and melodic songs full of emotions and feelings...... A music journey of 16 well produced and carefully selected tracks diving into cinematic musical paths plus ambient stylish and colorful vibes.


1. Lego Boy feat. Gad - Dog with a gun
2. Lego Boy - Walking alone
3. Lego Boy - Find your god (Savvas prayer remix)
4. Lego Boy - Disco beans on the wall (Timewarp inc NuDisco remix)
5. Lego Boy feat Tasos Fotiou - YM
6. Lego Boy feat. Gad - Dont cry (4M)
7. Lego Boy - Love M (Niteshift re-edit)
8. Lego Boy - Hard burned heart
9. Lego Boy feat. Olga K. - Alone Again
10. Lego Boy - Into your eyes
11. Lego Boy feat. Gad - Rules for fules
12. Lego Boy feat. Gad - All my stories
13. Lego Boy - Alone in the dark
14. Lego Boy - Life in space
15. Lego Boy - Black box from your plane
16. Lego Boy feat. Johnny Reverb - Too far

Lego Boy - Black Box From Your Plane will be available on 22 November 2010, for sale in CD DIGIPACK and digital download at Kraak Store and all mp3 retailers across the internet.


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