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Frankie Sinstra - Frankie Sinistra

Catalogue No: KRK014
Release Date: July 29, 2009.
Media: Digital EP - Virtual Vinyl

Minimal Nu Disco with extra tech-house flavour to groove your feet....


FILE UNDER: Minimal / Nu Disco / Tech House



You’ve got to snap your fingers…when you hear the name Frankie Sinistra. He travels is his journey all the way from Rome to Copenhagen under the name of Alex Puddu in the latest 80s. And after having been part of the electronica scene for so many years with such names as Puddu Varano, Beat me up Baby, Bad Boys of 79… he’s now back on the dance floor the with the disco-no disco, minimal, house project Frankie Sinistra.

Lately after having spend a couple of weeks in his own studio “Easy Beat Evil Bite“ he’s been working on new material, producing and playing all the instruments and recorded 4 tracks for the upcoming EP Frankie Sinistra 1.

When you hear the rumbles of the drums on “Snap your Fingers”, the afro-rhythm and percussive funky tunes of “Take me to the jungle” and “ Strangers in the light” and the disco tune “ Gimme your Love” can be heard all through the love and admiration for names such as Kongas, Barrabbas, Salsoul Orchestra, Cerrone. Minimal Nu Disco with extra tech-house flavour to groove your feet....


1.Gimme Your Love
2.Snap Your Fingers
3.Take me to the Jungle
4.Strangers in The Light

Frankie Sinstra - Frankie Sinistra will be available on July, 29 2009 for sale in special edition CDR and digital download at Kraak Store and all mp3 retailers across the internet.


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