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Jazz.K.Lipa known as a dj man since school time. he startet with taperecorders! Made his first remixes he was 11 years old, came together with his brother Barrio Katz in 1997 and the Pepe Le Moko DJ team was founded.
Together with OIaf are hosting the Fat Cat Disco in Dresden (since 2005) where come up the biggest New Funk DJ's around the world with the spirit of Freestyle DJ spirit. Since 2006 he is creating his own edits, mashups, remixes and own tracks. Influenced by all kind of musical input creating a positive vibration.

He has played many dj sets around europe, in many known club nights and festivals.

~~~ good music doesnīt know any boundaries.. his dj sets and musical outputs are influenced by good vibes of mashup and funky freestyles culture,60īs/70īs soul - funk-rock&roll,drum&bass,broken beatz,nu jazz, ,reggae-danchall, latin,boogaloo,hip hop,deep soulful 4/4,down beat,bossa-samba ~~~


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