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Produced by Canadian musician and graphic designer Greg Vickers, the Afternoons in Stereo sound is best described as a synthesis of digital-era production with a true sense of genuine instrumentation.

While the music is largely digital at the core and in it's most basic blueprint, it's merged with the complexity of human musicianship and the organic sensibilities of live recording. It is these elements that give Afternoons in Stereo it's distinct sound, locked somewhere between electronic music and traditional jazz.

It's jazz, in fact, that plays a large part in the Afternoons In Stereo sound. Vintage keyboards and rhythm guitar provide the underpinning, while brassy horns and a thumping bass mingle with breezy flutes and latin percussion. While jazz is often the launching point, the music navigates the orbit of jazz to explore many influences and styles; shades of cinematic tones and textures may appear in the more reflective moments, while elements of afrobeat and soul may emerge to bring the funk to the forefront. 

To-date Afternoons In Stereo has released five studio albums: The independent debut, 'Aural Pleasure', came together in 2004. it's follow-up, 'Leaves Of Brass', was released in 2006 and won the Hamilton Music Award for best electronic album of that year. 'The City Is Sleeping', was released in the winter of 2008, garnishing the HMA for Best Instrumental Album. All three records made a strong impact on the independent underground music scene.

The fourth album, 'The Silence Between Phrases', was released in summer 2010 on the Timewarp Music label based in Athens, Greece. Six additional EP's and two album-length collections of remixes have also been released with the label. The fifth Afternoons In Stereo studio album, simply entitled '5', was released on Timewarp on May 20th 2013.

A side-project under the name Kanada resulted in a full-length release entitled 'Morphology', and was released on the Kraak imprint in 2011. 

As well as being a recording artist, Afternoons In Stereo hosts the popular weekly radio program 'Urban Modernists'. The broadcast focuses on new and classic jazz, funk, afro, soul, and the more eclectic side of breaks and beats. 8 years going and still running strong, it's UM Radio continuing mission to re-contextualize the old and the new; to explore the spaces where the organic merges with the digital, and trace a through-line that extends from the past to the future.

UM Radio can be heard live-to-air Thursdays at 10:30 pm EST on 93.3 CFMU FM (online at and rebroadcast Tuesdays at 9:00 CET on 

Afternoons In Stereo releases are available on iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Beatport, Rhapsody, eMusic, and other online music retailers.

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